Wednesday, May 18, 2005

English Capain: Napthali Ball (Updated)

Napthali Ball served in the Restoration navy. At the Battle of Lowestoft, he commanded the fireship Bramble, which he had been appointed to command earlier in 1665. He attacked the Dutch 60-gun warship Hilversum. While the Hilversum's crew fought the fire, other English ships came up and captured the Hilversum. He was assigned to the Duke of York's divsion in the battle. William Laird Clowes says that he commanded the Success later in 1665 and was one of those captains who succeeded in taking prizes of "Dutch merchantmen and privateers". In June 1666, he commanded the 5th Rate Success, and was engaged in a mission on the Western Station with the Milford (and missed the Four Days Battle). On 25 July 1666, he was cruising in the Channel, and also missed the St. James's Day Battle. In 1667, he was appointed to command the Roe ketch. Later in 1667, he commanded the 4th Rate Assistance. In 1672, he was appointed to command the Richmond.By August 1672, he commanded the Greenwich (60 guns). He was assigned to Sir John Kempthorne's division. Sources:
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