Wednesday, May 25, 2005

I had things wrong about Piet Hein and he Silverfleet

This is my translation of part of the Dutch entry in the Wikipedia about Witte de With. Witte de With was Piet Hein's flag captain during the Spanish silver fleet capture:
He was born in Den Briel, like Tromp, but one year. According to the legend they were in their youth either friends or already were enemies, but there is absolutely no proof for either. Tromp left Brielle at six. In 1616 De With was cabin boy (or "saloon boy"??) for Jan Pieterszoon Coen in India. In 1622 he was already flag captain. In 1625 he visited India for the second and last time as a Vice-Admiral (in the VOC) of the retourvloot. Afterwards he was for a time commander of the large fishery. De With fought during the eighty-year-old war against the Spaniards at the Admiralty of the Maze. In 1628 he became flag captain to Piet Hein in his attack on the silver fleet. In 1637 he was appointed as Vice-Admiral of the Netherlands and West-Friesland simultaneously with the appointment of Tromp as Lieutenant-Admiral. In that role he fought under at tromp in 1639 in the battle of the Downs. In 1645 he forced the Sound [with a large fleet of merchantships] against the Danes and enforced a favourable toll treaty.

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