Sunday, May 22, 2005

English Captain: John Hubbard (who served starting in 1662)

There were two John Hubbards who served during pretty much the same period in the Restoration navy. Frank Fox calls him John Hubbert. This is about the John Hubbard who served from 1662 to at least 1670. In 1662, John Hubbard commanded the Royalist prize Greyhound. In 1664, he was appointed to command the Dutch prize Mathias. At the time of the Battle of Lowestoft, he was at Portsmouth. In 1666, he commanded first the 4th Rate Centurion and then the Leopard. At the start of the Four Days Battle, he was in the Centurion, which was in the Medway repairing. He arrived at the battle over the night of June 3-4. On 25 July 1666, he fought in the St. James's Day Battle, where he commanded the Leopard (60 guns). He was appointed to command the 2nd Rate Old James in 1668. Later in 1668, he was moved to the 2nd Rate Victory. In 1670, he was appointed to command the Falcon. Sources:
  1. Frank Fox, A Distant Storm: the Four Days' Battle of 1666, 1996.

  2. J.R. Tanner, A Descriptive Catalogue of the Naval Manuscripts in the Pepysian Library at Magdalene College, Cambridge, Vol.I, 1903.

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