Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Jan Evertsz. de Liefde

I am ready to confirm that Jan Evertszoon de Liefde's ship during the First Anglo-Dutch War was in fact the Rotterdam Director's ship Jonas. Mr. Stapel pointed out to me that in the Rotterdamse Historiebladen for 1880, on page 472 the writer J Scheffer states: "I've studied the records in the Archives of the city of Rotterdam and found that late 1652 Jan Evertsz. de Liefde commanded a direction [Directors'] ship of the Maze Rotterdam called Jonas". Carl Ballhausen wrote this in his book, but I had only reluctantly incorporated that into my list. I had found that Dr. Ballhausen could be correct, or not, and that you needed to confirm before accepting what he wrote. The Jonas carried 36 guns and had a crew of 125 men, according to list published in the 1652 edition of the Hollandsche Mercurius.

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