Wednesday, September 15, 2004

Tromp's proposed building program

In late 1652, Lt-Admiral Tromp proposed building 30 large ships to better match the English navy. The smallest of the ships would have been comparable to the Vrijheid, built by Amstedam in 1651, and then the rest were to be larger. The three charters would have been:
  • 150ft x 38ft x 15ft (8ft between decks)
  • 140ft x 36ft x 14-1/2ft
  • 134ft x 34ft x 14ft

This is Tromp's proposal by admiralty:

  • Rotterdam: 1-150ft, 2-140ft, 2-134ft
  • Amsterdam: 2-150ft, 4-140ft, 4-134ft
  • Zeeland: 1-150ft, 2-140ft, 2-134ft
  • Noorderkwartier: 1-150ft, 2-140ft, 2-134ft
  • Friesland: 1-150ft, 2-140ft, 2-134ft

Totals: 6-150ft, 12-140ft, and 12-134ft

The definitive plan finally agreed to included the following ships:


  • 150ft x 38ft x 15ft (8ft between decks)
  • 136ft x 34ft x 14ft (7-1/2ft between decks)
  • 130ft x 32ft x 13-1/2ft (7ft between decks)

This is the plan by admiralty:

  • Rotterdam: 1-150ft, 4-130ft
  • Amsterdam: 4-136ft, 6-130ft
  • Zeeland: 2-136ft, 3-130ft
  • Noorderkwartier: 2-136ft, 3-130ft
  • Friesland: 2-136ft, 3-130ft

Total: 1-150ft, 10-136ft, 19-130ft

This plan was ultimately modified, with the effect of increasing the ship slightly.

As the war continued to go badly, another 30 ships were to be built, giving a 60-ship building program. I will cover the details later.

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