Wednesday, September 08, 2004

The Friesland ship Groenwold

I still can't figure out what the Friesland ship Groenwold was doing during the First Anglo-Dutch War. The ship was allegedly purchased in 1652. It is suspicious that the captain had the same last name as the ship, so perhaps, he had been the owner. In the handwritten document, of which I have a copy, the name is spelt "Groenwolt". As was so often the case, a trailing "D" became "T". The captain's name, in July 1654, was Theunis Groenwolt. It was noted that the ship had been purchased in 1652, as I said. The dimensions were: 132ft x 31ft x 13ft. The armament was 44 guns, including 14-18pdr, 12-12pdr, 10-8pdr, and 8-6pdr. The Prinses Albertina, built new in 1653, carried the same armament in 1654 (44 guns of the same sizes).

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