Monday, September 06, 2004

A list of Dutch ships and captains from 1636

Dr. Elias' book De Vlootbouw in Nederland, in Appendix III, there is a reference to Vol.II, page 348 in "Aitzema". The passage is titled "Repairs of 22 ships, 5 yachts, and 5 frigates". I can't understand everything about it, but this is my attempt at translating: Gelderland
  • the ship Frederick Hendrick, Vice-Admiral Berchem
  • yacht Engel Gabriel, Captain Veen


  • the ship Aemelia, Lt. Admiral Tromp
  • the ship Gelderland, Captain Colster
  • the ship Dordrecht, Vice-Admiral Liefhebber
  • the ship Zee-kalf, Captain Vygh
  • the ship Prins Hendrick, Captain van Dieman
  • the ship Zutphen, Captain Catz
  • the ship Deventer, Captain Brouwer
  • the ship Utrecht, Captain Brederode
  • the ship Walcheren, Captain Vloo
  • the ship Haarlem, Captain Dionys Tourquoy
  • the ship Nassauw, Captain Lieve de Zeeu
  • the ship the David, Captain Claes Ham
  • the ship Eendracht, Captain Bleecker
  • the ship Hollandsche Tuin, Captain Halfhoorn
  • the ship Eenhoorn, Captain Keert de Koe
  • the yacht Bommel, Captain Dorrevelt


  • the ship Vlissingen, Commandeur Jan Evertsen
  • the ship Middelburg, Captain Banckert
  • the yacht Hasewind, Captain Hollaert


  • the ship Meerminne, Captain Vlieger
  • the yacht Zierikzee, Captain Regermorter


  • the ship the Bul, Captain van Galen
  • a ship, an unnamed captain
  • a new yacht, Captain Jan Sluys
  • the yacht the Dolphijn, Captain Resegeyn
  • still a new yacht, Captain Bouchorst


  • the ship Gouda, Captain Forant

Stad en Lande

  • the ship Zeeridder, Captain Jan Franssen
  • a yacht, Captain Gloeyenden Oven


  • a half yacht

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