Friday, September 17, 2004

The Rotterdam ship Dolphijn in 1629

This is another Rotterdam ship listed in the "Staet van Oorlogh te Water" for the year 1629. The Dolphijn, built in 1623, was commanded by Wilboort Leendertszoon, of Den Briel. The ship was 170 lasts in size, and had a crew of 85 sailors. Her armament was:
  • 2-brass half-cartouwen, 24pdr
  • 2-brass chambered 24pdr
  • 2-brass 12pdr ("veltstucken")
  • 8-iron 8pdr
  • 4-iron 6pdr
  • 2-iron 5pdr
  • 2-iron 4pdr
  • 5-steenstukken with 10 chambers

This is the sort of ship that took part in the attack on the Spanish silver fleet with Piet Hein, in 1629.

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