Thursday, September 23, 2004

Dutch Captain Pieter Salomonszoon

Pieter Salomonszoon commanded a ship belonging to the Amsterdam Chamber of the VOC at the Battle of Plymouth. Here are some of the notes that I took about him during the First Anglo-Dutch War:

  • Pieter Salomonsen was a late arrival from the Texel, to join De Ruyter's fleet, probably in July, 1652 [1DW6], p.157
  • Listed as being part of De Ruyter's fleet, the ship de Vrede, with 40 guns and 200 men, noted as being fitted out by the Amsterdam Chamber for the VOC [1DW2], p.147
  • On November 2, 1653, Admiral Wassenaer reported that Pieter Salomonszoon's ship, belonging to the Amsterdam Admiralty, was lying off the Texel with other ships (after the big storm). [1DW6, p.160]

    This is my translation and editing of what is in Mollema's "Honor Roll":

    Pieter Salomonszoon He lived until 12 June 1666. He served the Admiralty of the Amsterdam. As captain of the VOC, he was brought into the navy in 1652. He was made a captain in 1654. In 1665, he became a temporary Schout-bij-Nacht (Rear-Admiral).

  • In 1652, he commanded the "Vrede" (40 guns) under De Ruyter at Plymouth.
  • He fought at the Battle of the Kentish Knock and Dungeness.
  • In 1653, he fought at the Battle of Portland and Scheveningen.
  • In 1657/58, he served under De Ruyter in the Mediterranean Sea and on the Portuguese coast, in the "Fazant" (28 guns).
  • In 1659, he was engaged in convoying near the Sound and served there under De Ruyter.
  • In 1665, he commanded the "Campen" (54 guns) at Lowstoft.
  • In 1666, he commanded the "Liefde" (66 guns) at the Four Days Battle, where he was killed.

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