Tuesday, September 14, 2004

Good stuff, although not 17th Century

R.C. Anderson published a list of the Royal Navy in 1590-1591 in the 1957 Mariner's Mirror. The really interesting thing about this list is that it gives data about ships build in the mid-16th Century.
One thing he does is suggest that the Bull, rebuilt in 1570, retained her proportions from when she was originally built as one of Henry VIII's "galleasses". Her dimensions were given as: 80ft LK x 22ft x 11ft. Her rake forward was 28ft and the rake aft was 4ft-2in, so her length from stem to sternpost was about 112ft-2in. That gives a length to beam ratio of about 5:1.
I'm not prepared to reproduce the entire list here, right now, but there are things like the original dimensions for the Triumph, White Bear, and Elizabeth Jonas, as built and as they served in the Armada campaign.

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