Thursday, September 09, 2004

Abraham Crijnssen

At the Battle of Nevis, there was the small Zeeland contingent commanded by Abraham Crijnssen and two squadrons of ships from Flotte de la Compagnie Royale des Indes Occidentales (Royal West Indian Company). Some of the French behaved badly and fled, and the all eventually left the English in control of the area. Abraham Crijnssen headed for Virginia, where they took and burned the English 4th Rate Elizabeth. My translation from Mollema's "Honor Roll": Abraham Crijnssen died in 1669. He served the Admiralty of Zeeland. In 1666 he distinguished himself in the Zeelandia (34 guns) in the Four Days Battle and the St. James Day Battle. In 1666-1667, he commanded the expedition to the West Indies, captured Suriname, distinguished himself in the Battle of Nevis (allied with the French), took great booty in the James River (Virginia), and and was awarded with the gold chain. In 1668, left for the West, again for Suriname, and died while there.

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