Thursday, September 09, 2004

Robert Holme's brother, John Holmes

  • John Holmes command the Dutch prize the St. Paul at the Four Days Battle, where his ship was burnt, as it was too heavily damaged to save.
  • John Holmes commanded the Bristol (50 guns) at the St. James Day Battle.
  • He commanded that Gloucester 3rd Rate (62 guns) at the Battle of the Smyrna Convoy in 1672. He only joined in the night following the first day. He took the Dutch Klein Hollandia, which sunk, as it was heavily damaged.
  • At the Battle of Solebay, he commanded the Rupert (66 guns) in the Earl of Sandwich's division in the Blue Squadron.
  • I don't have good lists for the Third Anglo-Dutch War, but John Holmes participated in all the battles, particularly distinguishing himself at the First Schooneveld battle, as Prince Rupert mentioned him in dispatches.
  • Frank Fox says that John Holmes eventually became an Admiral of the Fleet, senior admiral in the English navy.

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