Friday, September 10, 2004

Sizes in lasts

I am listing my estimates of size in lasts for various ships:

  • The old Amsterdam ship Achilles, built about 1630, with dimensions 131ft x 29ft x 13ft, I am guessing that the size is 250 lasts.
  • The ship Amsterdam ship Overijssel had dimensions 112ft x 28ft x 11ft and had a size of 170 lasts.
  • The Amsterdam ship Zeelandia, built in 1644, with dimensions 120ft x 29-1/2ft x 11ft, had a size of 200 lasts.
  • The Noorderkwartier ship Enkhuizen built in 1645, with dimensions: 116ft x 26-1/2ft x 10ft, with a size of 150 lasts.
  • The Noorderkwartier ship Eenhoorn built in 1625, with dimensions of 125ft x 29ft x 11-1/2ft, with a size of 200 lasts

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