Monday, September 13, 2004

Dutch guns

By 1654, the emerging standard for Dutch guns was to use 36pdr, 24pdr, 18pdr, 12pdr, 8pdr, 6pdr, 4-pdr, and 3pdr. In the 1630's it was not unusual to see other calibers: 15pdr, 10pdr, and 5pdr guns. Dr. Elias published inventories (numbers only) of Amsterdam guns in use in 1615/16, 1629, 1635, and 1654. They only showed a few 10pdr in use from 1635 to 1654, whiile brass 5pdr were limited to 1635. There large numbers of iron 5pdrs in use up through 1635 (and later, just not in 1654).
In 1666, however, Rotterdam still used some brass 15pdrs. The Gorcum or Gorinchem carried 2-brass 15pdr (which I believe were chambered). The Hof van Zeeland (Zeeland) carried some iron and brass 5pdrs, still. The Tholen (Zeeland) carried 2-brass 14pdr, the Kampveere (Zeeland) had some brass 5-pdr, and the frigate Zeelandia (Zeeland) also had some brass 5pdr.

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