Wednesday, September 08, 2004

Charters from the 1653 Dutch building program

I continue to pore over Dr. Elias' book, De Vlootbouw in Nederland. There is a wealth of good information there, as well as good references to pursue. I find the charters that he describe especially useful. I am always looking for more than just Length x Beam x Depth (Hold). There are even round costs listed:
  • 15oft ship: 50,000 guilders
  • 140ft ship: 36,000 guilders
  • 136ft ship: 35,ooo guilders
  • 135ft ship: 32,000 guilders
  • 130ft ship: 28,000 guilders

Charters (proposed and actually built):

  • 136ft x 34ft x 14ft, with 7-1/4ft between decks
  • 140ft x 33ft x 14ft, with 7-1/2ft between decks
  • 130ft x 32ft x 13-1/2ft, with 7ft between decks
  • 150ft x 39ft x 15ft, with 7-1/2ft between decks
  • 140ft x 37ft x 14ft, with 7-1/2ft between decks
  • 130ft x 34ft, with a keel length of 108ft
  • 136ft x 35ft with a keel length of 113ft
  • 130ft x 32ft x 13ft
  • 120ft x 19ft x 12ft with 7ft between decks

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