Friday, September 03, 2004

Some specifics from the French documents

Since I hinted about the French intelligence documents, here are some nuggets (dimensions, although only length and beam):
  • Beschermer, 50 guns 142ft x 36.5ft
  • Deventer, 62 guns 1665 148ft x 38ft
  • Dolfijn, 82 guns 1667 171ft x 43ft
  • Essen, 50 guns 1667 142ft x 36.75ft
  • Geloof, 58 guns 1661 140ft x 40ft (I'm guessing 140ft x 37ft)
  • Wakende Boei, 40 guns 130ft x 32ft
  • Windhond, 20 guns 1667 94ft x 23.5ft
  • Woerden, 66 guns 1667 150ft x 39ft

There are also some dimensions given that differ from those usually published:

  • Gouden Leeuwen, 50 guns 1666 141ft x 36.5ft
  • Witte Olifant, 82 guns 1666 169ft x 43ft

This is by no means exhaustive, as there is more, and more to be interpreted.

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