Saturday, August 28, 2004

More about Dutch ships

I was reading more from De Vlootbouw in Nederland, and saw something that bears upon the Frederick Hendrick size question. The largest charter built during 1633 to 1646 was 128ft x 31-1/2ft x 12ft, and their burden was 250 lasts, the same as the Frederick Hendrick. The "lasts" factor for this size ship is 193.536. This is lower than I would normally consider to be valid, but is what we calculate for a ship of these dimensions.
Another charter is mentioned, which was widely used for ships built during this period. The dimensions were 120ft x 29ft x 12ft. The height between decks was 7ft. There is no last figure given on page 57, but I would estimate the figure to probably be 200 lasts, although it could actually be 210.
In appendix III, there is a table labeled: "List der Oorlogsschepen in Emplooi en aan den wal op 15 Juli 1655. A note to that table is for a charter where the dimensions were: 125ft x 29ft x 11-1/2ft, and the burden was 200 lasts. In this case, the height between decks was also 7ft. The factor that gives this result is 208.4375.
There are some other last figures, but not for ships that we have the full dimensions. For example, the Zeelandia, said to have been built for the Admiralty of Zeeland in 1648, was 230 lasts. I can't reconcile this listing with what is in Vreugdenhil, as the year differs from anything listed there. The Meermin is said to be 300 lasts, but we only know the length, which was listed as 130ft. I can't make 300 lasts work, except for dimensions like the Kampveere, which as 130ft x 34ft x 13.5ft, where the factor is 198.9.

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