Thursday, August 05, 2004

14 June 1652: captain of the Brederode

This has been available to me for a decade, but the significance of it just hit me: on 14 June 1652, there are signatures on a letter about the battle that took place off Dover on 29 May 1652. Abel Roelants (or Roelantsz.) signed as the captain of the Brederode. I knew that Egbert Meussen Kortenaer was "steurman" (listed here as "stierman"). These signatures are on page 759 of Vol.I of Geschiedenis van het Nederlandsche Zeewezen. I had not been able to find any evidence of Abel Roelants (sometimes called "Vader Abel") prior to May 1653, when he assumed command of Witte de With's old flagship, the Prinses Louise (36 guns).

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