Thursday, August 26, 2004

Dutch row-jachts in 1635

I keep going back into Dr. Elias' book Vlootbouw in Nederland, looking for nuggets that I might have previously missed (probably, I see things that I have previously seen but forgotten about). Today, on page 48, at the top of the page, I read about the "roeyjacht" Bommel. The data is from 5 February 1635, from the Resolutions of the Admiralty of Amsterdam. The specs:
  • dimensions: 116ft x 22ft x 8-1/2ft
  • crew: 70 sailors
  • armament: 2-brass 12pdrs, 2-brass 8pdrs, 6-iron 8pdrs, 8-iron 5pdrs, 2-iron 3pdrs, and 6 steenstukken
The captain was Barend Dorrevelt.

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