Monday, August 09, 2004

Admiralty of Friesland ships at the Gabbard

This is my current assessment of Friesland ships that were at the Battle of the Gabbard. In July 1653, we know that there had been four ships. One was lying at Hellevoetsluis, after the battle. Another was an unready flute. A third was captured by the English. The fourth was sunk in the battle.
I believe that he first ship was the Breda, a ship built in 1637. The captain of the Breda was Hendrick Bruynsvelt.
The second ship now seems to be the flute Graaf Willem, commanded by Jan Coenders. He did so badly in the battle that he was dismissed from the service. Fortunately for him, he was judged to be too inexperienced. Otherwise, he could have been shot or hung.
The third ship has to be the Westergo, as that was the Friesland ship that was captured by the English.
The fourth ship was the ship commanded by Joost Bulter. If you read The First Dutch War, you might think that the ship was named the Stad en Lande. Other sources indicate that the ship name was Kameel. There is some evidence that indicated that this was a ship belonging to the Groningen Directors (Stad en Lande). All the records in June and July 1653 would lead you to believe that this ship belonged to the Admiralty of Friesland. The biggest change in my assessment of Friesland ships is due to finding that Jan Coenders' ship was the Graaf Willem, a flute.

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