Monday, August 30, 2004

Dutch fireships in May 1672

I am looking at the Battle of Solebay (28 May 1672), and my primary source doesn't mention fireships at all. Brandt's biography of De Ruyter does list fireships, some of which were old warships (some well known). fireships from De Ruyter's squadron:
  • Gorinchem, 4 guns crew 30 Dirk de Munnik Rotterdam
  • Vrede, 2 guns crew 34 Jan Danielszoon van den Rijn Rotterdam
  • Swol crew 20 Abraham Schryver Rotterdam
  • Eenhoorn crew19 Piter Besa├žon Rotterdam
  • St. Salvador Andries Randel Amsterdam
  • Sollenburgh Klaas Pieterszoon Schuit

fireships from Van Ghent's squadron:

  • Velsen crew 22 Hendrik Hendrikszoon Amsterdam
  • Windhond crew 22 Willem Willemszoon Amsterdam
  • Beemster crew 22 Hendrik Rosaeus Amsterdam
  • Sollenburg Jan Janszoon Bout Amsterdam
  • Draak Pieter van Grootveldt Amsterdam
  • Leydtstar Sybrant Barentszoon Amsterdam

fireships from Bankert's squadron:

  • Middelburgh Willem Meerman Zeeland
  • Prinsje Kornelis Ewouts Zeeland
  • ? Herman Adriaanszoon Zeeland
  • Hoop Antony Janszoon Zeeland
  • Helena Leonora Pieter Syvertszoon Bokker Noorderkwartier

There are guns and crews listed later for some of these, but we really don't know how they were armed or what crew they had, as these varied over time.

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