Wednesday, August 25, 2004

The Hof van Zeeland (58 guns)

Dr. Weber puts that construction of the Hof van Zeeland as being 1653. That is much earlier than Vreugdenhil put the date. It is reasonable, though, as Phase III of the 1653 building program included on 136ft ship for Zeeland.
The specs are:
  • dimensions: 136ft x 34ft x 13-3/4ft
  • armament: 2-brass 36pdr, 4-brass 24pdr, 18-iron 18pdr, 2-brass 16pdr, 6-brass 12pdr, 8-iron 12pdr, 6-brass 6pdr, 6-iron 6pdr, and 2-brass 5pdr.
I believe that the list published in Dr. Weber's book has a typo (one of many), as it lists "6-brass 16pdr", but the context would indicate that it should be as I have written.
The planned crew was 196 sailors and 60 land soldiers. The actual crew carried at the Four Days Battle was 188 sailors and 60 land soldiers.
The ship was burnt at the Four Days Battle and most of the crew was lost.

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