Tuesday, August 31, 2004

English fireships at the St. James Day Battle in 1666

The engraving of the St. James Day Battle that list the ships, guns, and captains, also lists fireships and how they were distributed (English only, of course). White Squadron:
  • Providence John Wood
  • Fortune William Lee
  • Richard Henry Brown
  • Paul Captain Stevens
  • Jacob William Humble

Red Squadron:

  • Abigail Thomas Wilshaw
  • Samuel Joseph Paine
  • Bryer William Seally
  • Lizard Joseph Harris
  • Fox John Elliot
  • Allepin Andrew Ball
  • Charles John Johnson

Blue Squadron:

  • Blessing William Maiden
  • Gift John Kelsey
  • Land of Promise Captain Matthews
  • Mary William Flowers
  • Virgin William Hughes

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