Saturday, August 14, 2004

I was struck by how many burst 8pdrs there were after Scheveningen

The most accessible source for information about Dutch ship damage after the Battle of Scheveningen is The First Dutch War, Vol.V, pages 358 to 364. My general impression was that there were many 8pdrs that had burst. As I look over the list of damage, I find that the numbers were not that great. Still, there were no reports of any other caliber of gun that had burst; only 8pdrs.
Prins Willem (28 guns): 1-8pdr "sprung", 1-8pdr burst
Campen (42 guns): 2-8pdrs "blown to pieces"
Westfriesland (28 guns): 1-8pdr burst
That is only five guns, not so great a number in a fleet of over 100 ships, many of which were armed with 8pdrs. I was starting to wonder if their primary 8pdr supplier could have had quality problems, but the numbers are too small for that to be the case. Still, we only have detailed information for the Amsterdam ships.

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