Monday, August 16, 2004

Abraham van der Hulst

I have two separate translations I did of narratives about Abraham van der Hulst:
Abraham van der Hulst ( 1619-1666 )
Abraham van der Hulst was born on 11 April 1619 in Amsterdam. He began his career in the naval service at the bottom of the ladder. However, though there was already a difference about him, due to his bravery and conduct. In 1650 he was, at the age of 31, appointed as an "extraordinary captain" and in the year 1653 to "ordinary captain". He distinguished himself in battle at Terheide during the First English War (1652-1654).
For two long years he accompanied De Ruyter off the coast of Portugal as captain of a 50-gun ship and a crew of 170 men. In 1656 he captured two Portuguese West-Indian traders in the Mediterranean Sea. In 1658, he commanded the "Hilversum" under De Ruyter off the Portuguese coast. Due to his performance in various actions he was promoted to Rear-Admiral. In 1665 he distinguished himself during the Second Anglo-Dutch War in the fierce struggle near Lowestoft, so that he was promoted to the rank of Vice-Admiral of Holland, in succession to Cornelis Tromp.
In June 1666 we find the famous Four Day's Battle situation. Abraham van der Hulst commanded the ship the "Spiegel" in the squadron of Lieutenant-Admiral Tromp. In this very heavy battle against the English, his ship was irretrievably lost. After two days of battle there were 35 dead and 66 wounded on board. The mainmast of the sailing ship was lost overboard due to English shot. While Abraham continued heroically, he was shot in the chest by a bullet. He died on June 12 1666. His body was carried to Amsterdam and honorably buried in the Old Church.
On the fine marble tomb is a poem by Joost van den Vondel:
Here rested Hulst, the terror of the British sea banner; Well-tried in battle after battle, in blood and fire. The great maritime council crowned the fatherland's protector. The fame of the brave heroes is defiant in bronze and marble.
This is my translation of what is in Mollema's Honor Roll:
Abraham van der Hulst 11 April 1619 - 12 June 1666
He served the Admiralty of Amsterdam. Extraordinary Captain in 1650, Ordinary Captain in 1653, Vice-admiral in 1665.
In 1653 he distinguished himself at Terheide. In 1654 he was a convoy commander under the command of Cornelis Tromp in the Mediterranean Sea. In 1656, he served under de Ruyter in the Mediterranean Sea and captured two Portuguese West-Indian traders. In 1658 he commanded the "Hilversum" (50) under de Ruyter on the Portuguese coast. In 1661, he served under de Ruyter in the Mediterranean Sea. In 1665, he fought at Lowestoft. In 1666, he was killed in the "Spiegel" (74) in the Four Days Sea Battle.

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