Thursday, August 05, 2004

Analyzing the Dutch in the First Anglo-Dutch War

My approach for analyzing the Dutch navy in the First Anglo-Dutch War has been to organize information by captain's last names. The driving reason is that most lists from existing records only record captain's names. For example, we have Jan Evertsen's journal during the Dungeness campaign, and he lists the composition of the fleet. No ship names are mentioned. There are only the captain's names. I am fortunate to have a copy of the handwritten original, and have found that useful, as they transcription in The First Dutch War is of only mediocre quality. I am using an Excel spreadsheet as my current analysis tool to aid displaying information about captain, ship, battles, and operations. I kept wanting to use Word documents and tables, but they just don't work. You can't make a Word table wide enough. The only remaining choices are paper, which is a lost cause, or an Excel spreadsheet. I am going through and recording the data. I have not been able to put as much time into this effort as I would like, but I am up to 77 captains, so far. Where I only know ship names, I will just have to append them to the list in order by ship name, since we don't know their captain's name.

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