Tuesday, August 10, 2004

The capture of the St. Patrick (5 Feb 1667)

I am interested in the capture of the St. Patrick (48 guns) by two small Dutch frigates. I am searching for the explanation of this and the Smyrna Convoy fiasco. I have a nasty theory: that the English crews were poor, and that they may have been poorly led. The St. Patrick incident took place off the North Foreland, where the St. Patrick and supposedly, the Malaga Merchant fell on the two Dutch frigates. When there was a fight, the Malaga Merchant fled. The captain was shot for his failings, within weeks.
I really want to ask Frank Fox his opinion on the matter, but haven't been able to contact him, yet. This would seem to fall within his area of expertise: the English in the Second Angl0-Dutch War.

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