Sunday, February 15, 2004

Swedish ships

I was pleasantly surprised at how much information is available about Swedish ships, mid-17th Century. The website, "Sailing Warships", to which I have contributed, is a very good source. For Danish prizes, I looked at his Danish section. I also found, to my amazement, that Dr. Ballhausen's book was a good source for the subject of Swedish warships. I found a reference to a new source, as I have already mentioned.

I have a new Excel spreadsheet for doing calculations about Swedish ships. I also calculated weights for a new set of guns, suitable for the Swedish ships. For the last 4 or 5 years, I have had a system for calculating gun weights, with an Excel spreadsheet, that uses the shot weight, the barrel length, in feet, and a thickness factor, designed to reflect the amount of metal in the gun barrel, on a relative basis.

The Swedish gun spreadsheet has 42pdrs, 36pdrs, 30pdrs, 24pdrs, 18pdrs, 14pdrs, 12pdrs, 10pdrs, 8pdrs, 6pdrs, 4pdrs, 3pdrs, and 2pdrs. Dr. Ballhausen's book had gun lists that added 42pdrs, 14pdrs, and 10pdrs to the mix.

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