Wednesday, February 18, 2004

Another Dirck Schey

This Dirck Schey lieved from 1614 to October 1679. He served the Admiralty of Amsterdam. He was an Extraordinary Captain in 1652 and an Ordinary Captain in 1654.

In 1652, Dirck Schey fought at Dover and Dungeness. In 1653, he fought at the Battle of Portland and he ship was taken. In 1657-1658, he commanded the Campen (42 guns) under De Ruyter in the Mediterranean Sea. In 1659, he commanded the Stad en Lande (50 guns) in the voyage to the Sound, Funen, and Nyborg. In 1663-1664, he distinguished himself, under Cornelis Tromp, against the Algerians. In 1665, he fought as temporary Vice-Admiral in the Oisterwijck (70 guns) at the Battle of Lowestoft. In 1666, he commanded the Gouda (40 guns) in the Four Days and St. James Day Battles. In 1667, he commanded the Spiegel (70 guns) in the Raid on Chatham. In 1672-1673, he commanded convoys to Spain and the Baltic. In 1674, he served under Cornelis Tromp in voyage off the French coast. In 1678, he served with the relief force sent to Spain.

This is from Mollema's "Honor Roll".

Dirck Schey's ships:

1652 Achilles, 28 guns, crew 100, built in 1644

1654 Zuiderhuis, 32 guns, built in 1653 (the ship later carried at least 40 guns)

1658 Campen, 42 guns, crew 150, built in 1652

1659 Stad en Lande, 50 guns, crew 225, built in 1653

1665 Oosterwijk, 60 guns, crew 290, built in 1653

1666 Gouda or Stad Gouda, 46 guns, crew of 192 sailors and 30 soldiers, built about 1656

1666-1671 Spiegel, 70 guns, crew 325 sailors and 50 soldiers, built in 1663

This information is from my unpublished document, Dutch Ships 1620-1700, mostly compiled in 2003.

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