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More Dutch Naval Officers

Adriaan Teding van Berkhout

Adriaan Teding van Berkhout served the Admiralty of Noorderkwartier. He was a lieutenant in 1652 and a captain in 1665. In 1652 and early 1653, he served as lieutenant under Cornelis Tromp in the Mediterranean Sea. In 1666, he fought in the Four Days and St. James Day battles.

Frank Fox, in A Distant Storm says that Captain van Berkhout commanded the Prinses Roijaal (40 guns), in Cornelis Tromp's squadron at the Battle of Lowestoft. At the Four Days Battle, he was in Jan Meppel's squadron, where he commanded the Drie Helden Davids (48 guns). At the St. James Day Battle, he commanded the same ship in Meppel's squadron.

Otto van Treslong

Otto van Treslong was one of the few members of Dutch nobility to serve in the navy (Frank Fox). He lived from about 1640 to 11 June 1666. He served the Admiralty of Amsterdam, having become a captain in 1665. He was killed at the Four Days Battle, where he commanded the Duivenvoorde (46 guns), which was burnt. Previously, he had distinguished himself at the Battle of Lowestoft, where he had commanded the Stad Gouda (48 guns).

At Lowestoft, Captain Treslong was in Jakob Wassenaer's squadron, where Abraham van der Hulst was the second-in-command. At the Four Days Battle, Otto van Treslong was in Jan Janszoon van Nes' division in Aert van Nes' squadron.

This information is mainly from Frank Fox's book, A Distant Storm: The Four Days Battle of 1666. Some of it from Mollema's "Honor Roll".

Wemberich van Berchem

Wemberich van Berchem lived from 1581 to 30 May 1653. He served the Admiralty of Amsterdam, and was a captain in 1621 and Vice-Admiral in 1628. 1605, he was captured in the West Indies. In 1607, he served the VOC (the East India Company). In 1621 to 1628, he fought against the Dunkirkers. It seems that in 1624, his ship blew up, but he survived. In 1628, he was a convoy commander in the Sound. He defeated two Dunkirkers at Skagen. In 1629, he was a squadron commander under Piet Hein, and fought in the Gulf of Biscay against Dunkirkers. In 1632, he served under Van Dorp in the Channel. In 1637, commanded, as Vice-Admiral, the Fredrick Hendrick off the Flemish coast. In 1638, he was dismissed from the service.

This is my translation of what J.C. Mollema wrote in the "Honor Roll".

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