Tuesday, February 03, 2004

For those who are interested in this sort of thing... As an experiment, I ran the AOSII/Privateers Bounty simulator with the Battle of Portland (28 February-2 March 1653--New Style). I ran the simulator with the difficulty turned up to maximum. I intended to not maneuver the Dutch, at all, to see what would happen. I was monitoring damage, and on touching the Overijssel (28 guns), altering the course, accidentally. I altered the course again, to send the ship back towards the fleet. Eventually, I did some maneuvering, but generally tried to restrict the course changes to a squadron or the entire fleet. Towards the end, I maneuvered the entire Dutch fleet back toward the remaining English squadron. The AI performed as well as I have seen, as the English went after Dutch stragglers, and kept squadrons together, to some extent. They still tended to go directly after the Dutch, even when that meant heading directly into the wind, not a useful maneuver. Eventually, these situations were corrected. The end result was that 52% of the Dutch fleet remained at the finish, with the English completely destroyed. Obviously, this is nothing like the real world. Still, the sailing mechanics are very well done, and nothing that you can with miniatures can match the experience. I would like to be able to run two computers, and control both the English and Dutch fleets. I think that could be very instructive (I'm not prepared to play networked games, with someone outside of my LAN, for security reasons).

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