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Dutch ships that were definitely at the Battle of the Gabbard (1653)

Admittedly, this is a pretty unwieldy list, but nothing like this has been previously published. Dr. Carl Ballhausen lists other ships and captains, but these have not been included, until they can be verified. Most of Dr. Ballhausen's estimates are unsupportable, so we can't be too trusting.

These are based on what is in the inventory of Dutch ships that had been at the Battle of the Gabbard, and were listed in July 1653, at Vlissingen. This is from an unpublished document from the Nationaal Archief at the Hague. Other ships are primarily from Dr. Elias' book, Schetsen uit de geschiedenis van ons zeewezen (6 volumes), published between 1916 and 1930. A few are from the Navy Records Society 6-volume set, The First Dutch War.

Ships are listed alphabetically, by captain (in some cases, it is the more usual last name used for the captain).

The Admiralty key is:

A-DAmsterdam Directors
Ed-DEdam Directors (Noorderkwartier)
Ha-DHarlingen Directors (Friesland)
Mi-VOCMiddelburg Chamber of the VOC (the United East India Company)
Mo-DMonnikendam Directors (Noorderkwartier)
NQNoorderkwartier (the archaic spelling is Noorderquartier)
RRotterdam (the Maas or Maze)
R-VOCRotterdam Chamber of the VOC

You will notice some unfamiliar names. Those that are not estimates are based on unpublished manuscripts from the Nationaal Archief, in the Hague. There is a tremendous volume of information in the Archives, especially about the Amsterdam Directors' ships.

Ship, gunsAdmiraltycaptain/admiral
Brak, 18 gunsAJan Admiraal
Prins Willem, 28 gunsAJan Janszoon Boermans
Bommel, 30 gunsAPieter van Brakel
Kameel, 28 guns*FJoost Bulter-sunk
Groningen, 40 gunsAGillis Tijssen Campen
Gekroonde Liefde, 23 gunsZDingeman Cats
Westergo, 28 gunsFTijmen Claeszoon-captured
Prins te Paard, 38 gunsRJacob Cleydyck
Postpaert, 28 guns*FIsaak Codde
Catarina, 28 gunsA-DJan Jacobszoon Coppe-captured
Groningen*, 28 gunsHa-DAndries Douweszoon
Zon, 28 gunsEd-DJacob Claeszoon Duym-lost
Leeuwin, 30 gunsZJan Evertsen, Claes Janszoon-captain
Monnikendam, 36 gunsNQPieter Florissen
Eendracht, 24 gunsZAndries Fortuijn
Gekroonde Liefde, 36 gunsZMarkus Hartman
Windhond, 18 gunsADirk Pieterszoon Heertjes
Kasteel van Medemblik, 30 gunsNQAdriaan Houttuijn
Gideon van Sardam, 34 gunsA-DUlrich de Jaeger
David en Goliad, 34 gunsA-DClaes Bastiaenszoon Jaersveld
Sint Vincent, 28 gunsF-DAdriaan Gerritszoon Kleijntien
Amsterdam, 30 gunsZAdriaan Kempen
Leiden, 28 gunsAHendick Kroeger
Fazant, 32 gunsAJan Janszoon Lapper
Sint Matheeus, 36 gunsA-DCornelis Laurenszoon (larger)-captured
Sint Matheeus, 34 gunsA-DCornelis Naeuoogh (smaller)
Neptunus, 28 gunsZAdriaan Janszoon den Oven-lost
Halve Maan, 32 guns*Mo-DHendrick Pieterszoon-captured
Leeuwarden, 36 gunsAGovert Reael
Rooseboom, 28 gunsA-DBartholomeus Rietbeeck-captured
Prinses Louise, 36 gunsRAbel Roelants (Vader Abel)
Hoop, 30 gunsABo√ętius Schaeff-killed
Dolphijn, 32 gunsAGerbrand Schatter
Stad Medemblik, 30 gunsNQPieter Schellinger-captured
Elias, 34 gunsA-DFrans Franszoon Sluyter-captured
Prinses Aemelia, 28 gunsAJan Fransz. Smit, Lt. of Jan Ter Stegen-lost
Gulden Pelikaan, 28 gunsA-DBarend Tijmenszoon Soudaen-captured
Brederode, 54 gunsRLt-Admiral Tromp
Omlandia, 30 gunsAJacob Troucquois
Gelderland, 28 gunsACornelis van Velsen-Blown up
Graaf Willem, 40 gunsAJan Gideonszoon Verburch-Lost
Walvisch, 30 gunsA-DAbraham Verleth
Swarte Bul, 36 guns*Mi-VOCWillem Volckertszoon
David en Goliad, 42 guns*R-VOCJan Adriaanszoon van de Werff
Vrede, 44 gunsAGideon de Wildt
Vrijheid, 46 gunsAWitte de With, Abraham van der Hulst, captain
Campen, 42 gunsAWillem van der Zaan
Gloeyenden Oven, fireshipZunknown captain-captured

We also know that other naval officers were present, but there is some doubt about what ship they were in (such as Michiel Adriaanszoon de Ruyter).

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