Sunday, February 22, 2004

Gerard van den Dussen

I am weak on information on the Dutch navy and naval officers, after 1683. The most obvious sources that I have seen really do not have that much, either. I rely, at least some, on J.C. de Jonge's Geschiedenis van het Nederlandsche Zeewezen.

Gerard van den Dussen was a "commandeur" in 1688, and took part in the voyage taking Willem III to England. He commanded the Zeelandia in this operation. In 1696, he was a captain in Lt-Admiral van Almonde's squadron, commanding the Unie. They seem to have been operating in a commerce protection role, which is not surprising.

Ship: Zeelandia At Date: 1688 Captain: G. van den Dussen Guns: 62 Crew: 290 Admiralty: Amsterdam Built: 1685 Length: 145 Beam: 38 Hold: 14.5

Ship: Unie At Date: 1696 Captain: G. van den Dussen Guns: 94 Crew: 500 Admiralty: Amsterdam Built: 1692 Length: 173 Beam: 45 Hold: 16.5

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