Sunday, February 15, 2004

Swedish ship information

I have been doing research for an OOB for the Battle of the Sound, in 1658. Dr. Ballhausen, in footnotes on pages 721 to 726 of his book, has much information about Swedish ship armaments. He attributes it to a book:

John Levin Carlbom, Om Karl X Gustafs Polska Krig och övergången till det 2 dra Sundkriget, Göteborg, 1905.

He also has crew numbers for all the ships which seem very plausible.

I will list some of the information:

Samson, 34-36 guns, crew 113 Captain: Matts Mårtensson Dynkirch Built in1632 Guns: 4-24pdr, 14-14pdr, 4-12pdr, 8-10pdr, 4-6pdr

Carolus, 50-54 guns, crew 187 Captain: Major Klas Johannson Uggla Built in 1650/51 Guns: 26-24pdr, 20-12pdr, 2-10pdr, 6-6pdr

I would be interested to know what someone knowledgable thinks about this source and the information. I may post more of it, over the next week.

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