Monday, February 02, 2004

Pieter van Brakel Here is more information from J.C. Mollema's Honor Roll list. Other sources may differ, apparently. This list was published circa 1941. Pieter van Brakel lived from about 1624 to 29 December 1664. He served the Admiralty of Amsterdam. He was an Extraordinary-Captain in 1644 and an Ordinary Captain in 1653. He served in the First Anglo-Dutch War. He fought at Dungeness and Terheide (Scheveningen) in the Bommel (28 guns) under Maarten Harpertsz. Tromp. In 1654, 1656, and 1657, he served under De Ruyter in the Mediterranean Sea and on the Portuguese coast. In 1658 and 1659, he commanded the Huis te Kruiningen (54 guns) on the Portuguese coast and in the Sound. In 1661, Captain ban Brakel was a convoy commander in the North Sea. In 1664, while defending the Smyrna convoy, he distinguised himself and was killed while fighting Sir Thomas Allin.

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