Wednesday, February 11, 2004

Frans Querijnszoon Mangelaer Frans Mangelaer lived from about 1600 to 1661. He served and Zeeland Admiralty. He was a lieutenant in 1631 and a captain in 1646. In 1633, he fought under Banckert against the Dunkirkers. In 1636, he fought under Evertsen against the Dunkirkers (Collaert). In 1639, he distinguished himself at the Battle of the Downs. In 1643, he again fought the Dunkirkers. In 1652, he commanded the Liefde (30 guns) under De Ruyter at the Battle of Plymouth. After that, he fought under Witte de With, at the Battle of the Kentish Knock. In 1653, he fought at the Battles of Portland and Scheveningen (Ter Heide). In 1654 and 1656, he was a convoy commander in the Mediterranean Sea. In 1659, he commanded the Utrecht (44 guns) under De Ruyter in the actions in the Sound, at Funen and Nyborg. In 1661, in Cornelis Evertsen's squadron, he captured the privateer Collaert. He was awarded a golden chain. This is an edited version of my translation of what J.C. Mollema wrote in the "Honor Roll" (from Geschiedenis van Nederland ter zee ).

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