Friday, June 29, 2007

The Zeelands ships funded in 1651, as of December 1652

My theory is that as ships were lost in battle or storm and were discarded, that the ships included in the various funding categories changed over time. I have this list from December 1652 that has a list of Zeeland ships included in the funding of 1651. Perhaps the only difference is the captains have changed. That seems to confirm that this is a good list:
Adm   Ship            Guns Commander
Z     Hollandia       36   kapitein Adriaen Banckert
                           vice-admiraal Johan Evertsen
Z     Zeelandia       32   kapitein Andries Pietersz den Boer
Z     Zeelandia       32   kapitein Johan Naelhout
Z     Zeeridder       28   kapitein Gillis Janszoon
Z     Neptunis        25   kapitein Jan Pauwelsz
Z     Vlissingen      32   kapitein Cornelis Mangelaer
Z     Salamander      26   kapitein Jan Christoffelsz Duijm

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