Sunday, June 10, 2007

Is the Morgen Sterre the same ship as the Star?

I have an set of dimensions, with a gun list, dating from September 1652, for the Amsterdam ship Star. I had wondered if this was the same ship as the Morgen Sterre listed on 14 July 1653. Jacob Paulussen Cort had commanded the Star up to about April 1653. The ship was not listed in the 23 June 1653 list of ships with the fleet. On 14 July, the captain was Albert Claesz de Graeff and he commanded the ship at the Battle of Scheveningen. Previous lists give the number of guns as 28, but the 14 July entry gives just 26 guns. They both give only 6-12pdr guns and 12-8pdr guns, but the smaller guns vary considerably. Still, I tentatively accept that they were the same ship.

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