Wednesday, June 06, 2007

The storm off the Texel in November 1653

The last few days, I have been receiving inventories from ships, dating from right before the storm off the Texel in early November 1653. Two of the recent inventories were from ships that foundered in the storm, the Gecroonde Liefde (Marcus Hartman's ship) and the Luipaert (Cornelis Tiebij's ship). The inventories have entries, like "one Prince's flag" and "one wimpel". At the top of the Gecroonde Liefde inventory is "one cable of 15 inches". By the way, there is this page called "Vlag en Wimpel". A wimpel is apparently a pennant or streamer. The storm was quite disasterous in its effect. Brave men and stout ships were lost in the storm. The lucky were wrecked on the coast. The worst foundered and were lost with all hands (they say "man and mouse"). Ships like the 37-gun Luipaert, the 34 gun ship Keurvorst van Keulen, 30 gun Coninck Radbout, the 36 gun Gecroonde Liefde foundered. Witte de With saved his fine ship, the Huis te Zwieten, by cutting the mainmast and letting it go over the side. The storm had the effect that was worse than losing the Battle of Scheveningen, where about nine or ten ships were lost.

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