Friday, June 15, 2007

The "Prins te Paard"

Michael Robinson, in catalog of Van de Velde paintings, calls the ship first commanded by Corstiaen Corstiaenszoon the Prins te Paard. The actual documents that I have from the Nationaal Archief all call the ship the Prins, except for a page that I received two days ago. That page gives the captain's full name, which was Corstiaen Corstiaensz de Munnick (perhaps a relative of Hendrick de Munnick, the Rotterdam captain). That page also calls his ship, which carried 38 guns, the Prins te Paerde. I have heard that perhaps that full name for this ship was the Jonge Prins Willem te Paard. The names of Dutch ships in the 1640's and 1650's seems to have been rather fluid and allowed for many alternative names that were frequently used. For example, the document that includes this page has Barent Cramer's ship listed as the Swarte Bul, which was the frequently used nickname for ships name Edam. The black bull was the symbol for the city of Edam.

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