Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Oosterwijk commanders

I was recently asked about the Amsterdam ship Oosterwijk, which was built in 1653. The dimensions were 140ft x 35ft x 13-1/2ft. I happen to have information about the ship's commanders:

From September to November 1653, commandeur Gideon de Wildt commanded the Oosterwijk on the voyage to Norway with Witte de With's fleet. In July 1654, Gideon de Wildt still commanded the Huis te Oosterwijk, as it was called in the Staet van Oorlog te Water for the year 1654. Even in 1659, he commanded the Oosterwijk in 1659,when he was with De Ruyter's fleet in the Sound.

June 1665, at the Battle of Lowestoft, Dirck Schey commanded the Oosterwijk. He still commanded the ship in August, under De Ruyter's command.

August 1666, at the Twee Daagse Zeeslag, the ship was commanded by Lt.Col. Frans├žois Palm, who was a marine.

In May to July 1667, during the raid on Chatham and Harwich, the ship was commanded by Jan Roeteringh.

In 1671, Engel De Ruyter commanded the Oosterwijk.

From May to July 1672, Volkert Hendriksz Swart commanded the Oosterwijk.

In April 1674, Pieter van Middeland commanded the Oosterwijk.

In July 1675, Jacob Teding van Berkhout commanded the Oosterwijk. He still commanded the ship in April 1676.

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