Wednesday, June 13, 2007

My current arrangement for research

With me being in the United States and the information that I desire being in the Netherlands, I have relied on people there to obtain copies for photographs for me. I am really pleased with my present arrangement with the Dutch Archives Research Bureau and the work that Eric Ruijssenaars is doing for me. I also have been greatly helped by Carl Stapel and others there in the Netherlands, such as Ab Hoving, Ron van Maanen, Nico Brinck, and Herbert Tomesen of Artitec, and others who have helped me over the last five years in the Netherlands. I owe a great deal to the help provided by Prof. Jan Glete in Stockholm. I would not know nearly as much as I do without his assistance over the last four years. Of course, I have also greatly benefitted from the help and advice from Frank Fox, the author of Great Ships and A Distant Storm, since late 1999. Frank is here in the United States, although he lives quite a distance from where I am. There is an amazing community of enthusiasts, researchers, authors, artists, and model makers interested in 17th Century warships and naval history.

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