Sunday, June 24, 2007

Jacob Pauwelsz Cort must have been Michiel De Ruijter's flag captain in late 1653

These documents that I received yesterday show Jacob Pauwelsz Cort as the captain of the Huijs te Cruijningen (late 1653 spelling), the newly acquired ship that Michiel De Ruijter used as his flagship during the voyage to Norway from September to November 1653. De Ruijter and Witte de With had been fitting out the new ships taken over from Genoa in August, if not before. They were not ready for the Battle of Scheveningen but were ready by September. That must mean that Jacob Pauwelsz Cort was De Ruijter's flag captain. I had seen that Albert Claesz Graeff had taken over Jacob Pauwelsz Cort's ship, the Star or Morgen Sterre by June 1653 and I had wondered what had become of Jacob Pauwelsz Cort.

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