Monday, June 25, 2007

The ship Gerechtigheid in September 1653

The Gerechtigheid was a ship belonging to the Amsterdam chamber of the VOC. The Gerechtigheid was one of six VOC ships from various chambers to serve with the Dutch fleet in 1653. The Gerechtigheid had carried 34 guns and had a crew of 105 men in May 1653. By September 1653, I have a page that says that the Gerechtigheid carried 42 guns and had a crew of 138 men. The Gerechtigheid was a pretty large ship, as it was 136 ft long. It was also well-armed with more than the usual small number of 18pdr guns and with a good lower tier of 12pdr guns. The Gerechtigheid was one of the ships lost in the storm off the Texel in early November 1653, when the fleet returned from Norway.

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