Sunday, June 17, 2007

The gun list for the Vogelstruis (oops, I don't have it!)

My main regret about my trip to the Netherlands and my trip to the Nationaal Archief in The Hague, slightly more than a month ago was that I failed to write down the gun list for the ship Vogelstruis, when I saw it. Instead, I thought that I had arranged to have the page copied, so I didn't need to take the time to write it down. The Vogelstruis was a ship of the Amsterdam chamber of the VOC. It was apparently built in 1641. The dimensions of the Vogelstruis were 160ft x 36-38ft x 13ft with three decks, based on some calculations made using the dimensions taken by her English captors and from email from Herbert Tomesen of Artitec. There is a page about Herbert (in Dutch) and video of him with a ship model. The Vogelstruis (old spelling is Vogel Struijs) carried between 40 and 44 guns, as far as I can tell. One page gives the crew as 200 men, but I am not certain if that is correct, or not. As I remember, the Volgelstruis carried 4-24pdr guns and perhaps a lower tier of 12pdr guns.

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