Saturday, June 23, 2007

Some ships at Amsterdam on 12 September 1653

I received some photographs today with some interesting information about the ships in Witte de With's fleet on 12 September 1653. These are some of the ships lying at Amsterdam:
Adm    Ship               Guns Crew Commander
A-Dir  Hollantsche Tuijn  32   116  Harman Walleman
A-Dir  Blaeuwen Arent     28   116  captain in detention, in poor condition
A-Dir  Gidion             34   130  Dirck Somer
A-Dir  Engel Michael      28    73  Frederick Bogaert, short of 37 men
A-Dir  Swarte Leeuw       30    74  Hendrick de Raedt, short of 36 men
A-Dir  Sint Pieter        28    81  Gerrit Schuijt, in poor condition, short of 29 men
A-Dir  Walvisch           29    62  captain absent, short of 48 men
A-Dir  Vergulde Valck     26    83  Cornelis Jansz Brouwer, short of 27 men

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