Saturday, August 19, 2006

So how did Dutch ships carry their guns?

I do not have information for 1652 and 1653 about how Dutch ships carried their guns. Most Dutch ships were apparently two deckers, although the waist was not armed. I can only speculate, although I can at least make educated guesses.

For example, Hendrick Kroeger's ship 1652, up until 22 July, was the Marcus Curtius. The Marcus Curtius carried 6-iron 8pdr, 8-iron 6pdr, 4-iron 4pdr, probably 4-iron 3pdr, and 2-iron 2pdr. Presumably, the lower tier consisted of 6-8pdr, 8-6pdr, and 4-4pdr, for a total of 18 guns. That would mean 9 guns on a side. I would then guess that 4-3pdr were carried on the quarterdeck and 2-2pdr on the forecastle. The 2pdr could also have been on the poop. A different plan would have been used for Albert Claesz de Graeff's ship, the Hollandia.

The Hollandia was armed with 4-brass 12pdr, 14-iron 12pdr, 14-iron 6pdr, and 2-iron 4pdr. I would hazard a guess that all the 12pdrs were on the lower tier, all the 6pdrs were on the upper tier, with the waist unarmed, and the 2-4pdr were on the poop (or whatever level that would be, one deck higher).

  1. list of Amsterdam ships hired in 1652, from the Wrangell Collection at the Riksarkivet, in Stockholm, Sweden

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