Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Cornelis Cornelisz de Groot

I had not remembered that there was a document which definitively says that Cornelis Cornelisz de Groot commanded the Amsterdam Directors' ship Samson (Sampson). I had thought that it just said "Cornelis Cornelisz", but it adds "groot" at the end. The copy is bad, so it is a good thing that I have another page with the Samson's specifications. I am most familiar with Cornelis Cornelisz de Groot from his part in talking Witte de With out of attacking Scarborough, after sailing there in April 1653, on a raid. This is the information about the Samson:
The ship, the Samson
kapitein Cornelis Cornelisz de Groot

Length from stem to sternpost:  119ft
Beam:                            28 or 28-1/4ft
Hold:                            13ft
Height between decks:             6-1/4 or 6-1/2ft

28 guns:
 6- 8pdr (or 8-8pdr)
 8- 6pdr (or 6-6pdr)
 2- 3pdr

Crew:  110 men
It is not unusual that the information is not consistent across documents. The best document lacks gun information. There may be another document, and I probably need to check my original copy to see if I can read more.

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