Sunday, August 06, 2006

Dirck Schey's ship, the Achilles (or Achillis)

What the document that Jan Glete sent me says about Dirck Schey's ship, the Achilles (or Achillis, the document calls the ship), is both surprising and explains what had been a mystery. The surprise is that it is obvious that his ship is what Vreugdenhil lists as number 1 on his list. The revelation,however, explains what happened to that ship. To make matters worse, Dirck Scheij's ship was hired in 1652 for the price of f2,000, and was numbered among the Hundred Ships hired in 1652 as part of the Extraordinary Equipage. It doesn't explain number 2 on the list, also named Achilles, which was said to have been completed in 1644. Number 2 is the ship that I had assumed was that commanded by Dirck Schey (or Scheij). Now, that ship is hard to explain. This is the information from the document sent to me by Jan Glete:
The ship Achillis, Capt. Scheij

Length from stem to sternpost:  131ft
Beam:                            29ft
Hold:                            13ft
Height between decks:             7ft-7in
28 guns:
 4 iron gotelingen      12lbs
12 iron gotelingen       8lbs
 8 iron gotelingen       4lbs
 2 iron gotelingen       2lbs

Crew: 90 men

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