Wednesday, August 02, 2006

How do these dimensions for the Edam compare to those measured by the English?

The dimensions for the Edam in the documents that I received from Jan Glete give a greater length than the traditional dimensions. This information gives a 124ft length in Amsterdam feet, while the usual length given is 120ft. The measured length on the keel, in English feet, is 86ft. The ratio between this length and the English length is 1.44, about. The ratio between 120ft and 86ft is about 1.39. This conversion ratio is a factor that includes the rake and the difference between the English foot of about 305mm and the Amsterdam foot of 283mm. Even the 1.39 is large, as the same ratio of for the captured Friesland ship Groningen is about 1.28. The 1.44 figure is even more extreme. I imagine that the 124ft length is incorrect, although it is not impossible that it is correct and the "traditional" length of 120ft is wrong. Published Sources:
  1. H.A. van Foreest and R.E.J. Weber, De Vierdaagse Zeeslag 11-14 Juni 1666, 1984

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